What Do We Do?  

Welcome to Showscriptsonline.com a division of Hansen Entertainment Productions.

This is a site where local chapters and individuals from the Barbershop Harmony Society, Sweet  Adeline’s International, Harmony Inc., Holland Harmony, and other amazing musical organizations can share their successful annual, holiday, and contest show scripts with other choruses, quartets, individuals, and chapters.

Here’s how it works:

 To Sell a Script:  Log on and register on the site.  To do this open the “sell a script” tab and complete the “Seller Form”.  Once this is complete it will be forwarded to the site manager. The site manager will approve the account or request additional information.  It is important that the director or chorus manager know and approve the selling of these scripts.

Once approved as a “seller of scripts” you can post as many quality show scripts as you would like.  Each script presented will go through a screening process with the site manager prior to being posted.  ( This will act as a type of quality assurance process and should take less than 7 days ).

 Most scripts will sell for anywhere from $100 - $500 US dollars each. This price is decided by you  depending on the detail of the content and length of the show.  However, some scripts could be posted for a higher amount. Just remember, scripts that are priced fairly will sell.

On this site you will be able to share with a potential customers the  style of show,  number  of  speaking parts, lighting script, technical staging details, prop ideas, sample screnery, costume recommendations, photos, marketing flyers , posters, sample tickets, and so on.  You can post anything to your file that you can scan into a PDF format.  Your goal is to list and include as many details as possible that will help the customer understand the content of your show and what they will get when they purchase it.  You will also be able to write an overview of the show in your own words.  This will be posted for each potential customer to read and get a clear understanding of your product and it’s past success.  Showscriptsonline.com will not share the details of your script, copies of your PDF’s etc. until the customer has purchased the script. However, they will know if the file has copied of these details in the packet.  You can post a script that does not have a complete file, but this may limit your sales. We ask that you do not include PDF copies of music – only the suggested titles of song for liscening reasons.

Your script and file will remain available for sale even after it is sold to one customer. 

When a customer purchases a copy of your script they will make a payment to showscriptsonline.com either through paypal or credit card.  These funds are held for 30-45 days prior to paying you the seller. We offer the customer a 25 day review process with 100% satisfaction   full money back guarantee.  We believe our customers are honest.  As added protection clients who return shows will be tracked for two years. If they use a returned show idea, they will be billed for the show that was originally requested.

While the price of your script is determined by you, a small fee will be added to cover the cost of this web site, maintenance, handling etc.  ( Example of pricing would be a script listed for $150 will have a fee of $30 making the selling price a total of $180 US dollars.  All shows under $300 will be added a processing fee of $30 per script.   All shows over $300 will be added a 15% processing fee. )

Start making your chorus money now.  Get registered and gather your show scripts.  Remember the more details the better.  This is an amazing opportunity to help your musical group make money off the hard work and sweat you have already put into entertaining your audience.  If your friends and family loved your performance so will others.

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