Chords! A Love Story Secondary Name: Is Love any better than a business proposition?
40 minutes
Number of Speaking Parts: 6
Number of Songs: 14
Gender: Male
Cast: Andrew, the Rich Man. Joe, the Bartender. Clownish quartet at bar. Waiters (with some dancing skills, optional). Extras reflecting the character of the Chapter or the town, e.g., doctors, cavemen, UPS drivers, rugby players ...
Who's Who: Rich Man and Bartender are the major characters, and their dialog drives the story. Other cast sing as quartets and as an ensemble, and a few have one-liners.
Music Style: Barbershop
Scripts: Character Profiles/Descriptions
Stage Design
Add Ons:
Specialty Groups: Non-singing dancers
Senior Group
Tech. Sheets Include:
Topics for Shows: Comedy
Other: Romance
You could be the first. This show was originally written for a particular barbershop chorus, but was never produced. I hate to see it go to waste. Have fun with it!
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