Group Therapy Secondary Name: Barbershoppers Anonymous
40 minutes
Number of Speaking Parts: 13
Number of Songs: 8
Gender: Male
Cast: Dr. Ira Nosinger Terry Mark Tim Doug June Evan Jim Quartet Tom
Who's Who: Dr. Ira Nosinger: A distinguished looking professional psychologist Terry: Chorus director Mark: Chorus member (in charge of set) Tim: Assistant director Doug: Chorus member June: Mother of younger chorus member Evan: Young chorus member Jim: Chorus member Quartet: Four individuals that will sing a song in Scene two; Sheff, Kevin, Matt, Brett Tom: A chorus member of large stature
Music Style: Barbershop
Scripts: Character Profiles/Descriptions
Curtain Handlers
Stage Design
Add Ons: Songs Listed By Title
Specialty Groups: Men's Group
Tech. Sheets Include:
Topics for Shows: Comedy
Self Improvement
The $150 will be donated to Central Illinois YIH.
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