Happily Never After Secondary Name: Nice girls can finish first
120 minutes
Number of Speaking Parts: 10
Number of Songs: 14
Gender: Both
Cast: Characters needed for speaking parts: A Narrator: our Narrator doubled as one of the ladies-in-waiting and was dressed in princess-type gown. She gets carried away and tends to digress often in her narration. King of Trump: Must be dressed in suit and tie with Trump-type wig, and act like Donald Trump. Town Cry-er: A very dramatic person with several costume changes. (See script for various costumes needed) Capt. Hooklineandsinker; Dressed as Captain Hook from “Peter Pan”; definitely needs a hook hand. Cruella Coupe De Ville: Dressed as Cruella De Ville in “101 Dalmatians” The Villain formerly known as Queen: Dressed as the evil queen from “Snow White” Pure As ….The Driven Snow : Dressed much like Snow White character Dr. Shrill : Dressed and acting like Dr. Phil, suit tie, partially-bald wig MIRRORWALL 2000 : A talking mirror, dressed in silver with a frame around face Varth Dader : Dressed as Darth Vader from “Star Wars” The 4 Knights: Dressed in tights, long-sleeved shirts, long sleeveless tunics An Extra Knight : Dressed as the 4 Knights
Who's Who: Other characters with non-speaking roles: Crocodile-costumed member: Ours had a green suit, webbed feet and hands, crocodile hat 5 Dalmatian dog -costumed members: In white suits w/ black spots as in “101 Dalmatians” 5 Lost Boys: Dressed as ragged Lost Boys in “Peter Pan” 2 production assistants from the storyland characters: Ours dressed as Forest Rangers Ladies-in-Waiting: Dressed as medieval princesses
Music Style: Barbershop
Scripts: Character Profiles/Descriptions
Add Ons: Scenery
Songs Listed By Title
Specialty Groups: Quartet
Tech. Sheets Include:
Topics for Shows: Comedy
Other: Story Book
Very creative and loved by all. One of the best ever shows that we have done. We have been asked to do this show again. Received extreemly well by all ages.
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